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Private In-Home or Hotel Detox

Reset | Private Medical Detox is an individualized private in-home or hotel detox service.
We also offer tailored addiction treatment services to accommodate the most discerning clients seeking exceptional care and service with complete discretion.

Our in-home detox & addiction treatment services extend far beyond detox, as we understand that successful rehabilitation requires individualized attention to address triggers, treat coexisting conditions, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Our Core Values

Our work is our mission. We hold the following principles with the highest regard;





Your recovery is integral to our group mission to help as many people as we can to not only recover but also to discover their greater potential and experience their lives with a renewed sense of balance of mind and body. Our team brings over 25 years of professional experience, and we have witnessed incredible positive transformations which stand as true and powerful examples of what is possible, seemingly, against all odds.

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In-home or boutique hotel detox


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“I knew I was dying, but I just couldn’t stop. Alcohol had taken over my life and was slowly going to end it. It wasn’t about willpower. It was fear that kept me there. I knew I couldn’t handle the terrible withdrawal that came with sobriety. Knowing how dangerous a detox was, I saw no way out but self-inflicted death. But then I made one last call for help that changed my life forever. I called Tony Dominguez. Within 24 hours, Tony flew out and was in my room, by my side, assuring me it was going to be ok.
Over the next ten days, Tony compassionately, yet firmly, oversaw and helped me through the first grueling steps toward sobriety and detoxing from alcohol. There is no way I could have done it without that loving and professional support.
Truth be told, I would not be here today if I hadn’t made that call.“

Female, 42 years

About our Private Medical Detox

Our physician-guided in-home or hotel detox program offers the highest levels of comfort, privacy, and service to ensure that detox is safe and effective.

One of our medical professionals will stay onsite 24/7 during your detox to monitor your progress and administer medications to help minimize any discomfort.

A dedicated team is on-call to answer any questions you may have during your treatment. We will help ensure you get the best care available for a safe and successful detox.

Your comfort, convenience, and safety is our primary focus.
Reset Private Medical Detox bring services directly into your home or hotel, saving you the time and hassle of transit to and from a traditional rehabilitation clinic.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Our program provides a discreet and comfortable environment for detox services.

Personalized Detox

One of our medical professionals remain onsite 24/7 to ensure you receive personalized attention during your detox.

Physician Oversight

Each detox program is overseen by our Medical Director to provide you with the same level of care as traditional rehab clinics.

Comprehensive Aftercare Services

We also provide comprehensive aftercare services to ensure you overcome your addiction and are equipped with the evidence-based tools you need to maintain your recovery path and live your life in integrity.

Detox Duration

Our detox programs are individually tailored according to your medical and personal needs and typically last 7-10 days.

Once your medical situation is stable, you will meet with our counseling staff to help create a customized treatment plan for you and your loved ones.

Post Detox Individualized Aftercare Services

Reset | Private Medical Detox is part of Real Recovery Group and its holistic approach to treatment. Along with its curated global network of world-class professionals in mental health support, trauma, and addiction recovery, many of our clients appreciate the natural step to continue with Real Recovery Group and the truly dynamic, individualized support they offer post-detox.

This combination of your personalized and structured treatment plan arching from detox to aftercare provides increased opportunity for maintaining sustained sobriety and is at the core of Real Recovery Group’s holistic approach.

Our work stems from our firm conviction that substance abuse and mental health disorders can be highly complex processes where every individual and life situation is unique and should be addressed as such.

Neuropsychological assessment in 48-72 Hours

Once stablilized and you have accumulated some sober time, we can offer you a neuropsychological assessment without waiting time.

Neuroscientific research strongly shows an association between ADHD and substance use disorders and that proper assessment, diagnosis, and treatment can be an integral part of sustainable abstinence.

We work closely with SMART Psykiatri and internationally renowned experts on ADHD, ADD, and autism who offer neuropsychological assessments.

Psychiatric assessments are conducted in collaboration with SMART Psykiatri.

Unique Alternative Location

We are honored to be able to offer our clients an exclusive opportunity to detox privately at a beautiful five-star hotel in a desirable location in the center of Stockholm, Sweden.

For reasons of integrity, we do not disclose the name and location of the hotel on our website. Upon completion of our intake process and phone consultation, we will send a link to the hotel’s website for reservation with a special discounted rate code specifically for our Reset clients.

We have an agreement with the hotel, and discounted rates are offered. 

We operate under the general patient secrecy act for health care professionals in accordance with Swedish legislation (the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act SFS 2009:400, the Patient Data Act SFS 2008:305 and the Patient Data Act SFS 1998:204). Only staff members assigned and approved by you directly are given access to your personal information. Your relationship with Reset Sweden AB is strictly confidential and not accessible through public records. In addition, financials are processed in order to ensure your privacy and discretion.

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